Escort MAX Ci 360

Escort MAX Ci 360
MAX Ci 360

The freedom to drive with confidence

Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle for a completely discreet install, the MAX Ci 360 features front and rear radar receivers as well as four laser shifters which protect drivers against all speed monitoring devices. Along with complete 360° protection; the ESCORT MAX Ci 360 is 100% undetectable.

Breakthrough Radar Performance

MAX Ci 360's twin-antenna design sets a new standard for long-range protection. This patented design is completely undetectable, making it the perfect choice for those who like to run unnoticed. All North American radar bands are covered, including "POP" radar.

Included equipment leaves you fully covered, with four ShifterMax sensors, a display and controller, an interface, a GPS antenna, and both front and rear detector/receivers in the box.

Speak with a Custom Install Expert

Looking to purchase a custom installed detector? Call to speak with one of our experts at: 561-687-3900
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