Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad

Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad

Item# PIN-900

Product Description

If you cherish a spotless car, this is one car care accessory you can?t live without!

You can?t escape them, you can?t hide! If you drive your car, you will collide with bugs; you will encounter tar. It?s an ugly fact of life. But you don?t have to throw in the towel. I was tickled to come across this scrub. I?m very particular (OK, Picky!) about the condition of my car. I enjoy the finer points of detailing?the sound of running water splashing over the paint, the smell of a good leather conditioner, the feel of the wash mitt gliding effortlessly across the hood. However, I?d rather haggle with the phone company than scrub bugs and tar from the bumper, underpanels, and mud flaps! Not any more! The Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Remover, invented by some genius, is nothing short of a marvel. It comes as a big chunk of honey comb-looking, open-cell, dry foam-like material?well, it evades decent description. My initial reaction to the Scrub? ?There?s no way I?m going to scrub any surface of my Vette with this abrasive thing,? but, boy was I wrong!
I first put it up to the ultimate test--my ?64 Ford Falcon. (It has seen better days, but it?s part of the family.) I dunked the ?Safe Scrub? in some warm, soapy water and approached. Tentatively I touched the scrub to the bumper. As I agitated the surface, right before my eyes, the gunk that had accumulated (and I assure you this was no minor speck or two) was sucked into this amazing scrub. And, true to its name, it was completely harmless to the surface of the car. And, yes, I now use it religiously on all my vehicles, including the Vette. I?ve yet to come across a less painless, more efficient way of removing harmful baked on bug, tar and road scum.

Considering the ease and gentleness this product, it can be used daily to you?re your vehicle completely free of bugs and tar that adhere to the surface and eventually eat into the paint. Use it on all painted surfaces, glass, trim, wheels and tires. The effectiveness of this scrub against all manner of residue, road grime, and bird droppings defies explanation given its non-abrasive nature. You?ll be amazed. The open-cell construction grabs at foreign matter on your car and pulls it safely away. It?s the perfect companion for your wash mitt?throw it in your bucket, and pull it out when you encounter stubborn grime. A more thorough shampoo! Just look at it after you?ve used it on rough areas and you?ll be shocked at the amount of residue it has removed, without having to scrub or use special formulas.

The uniqueness and technology behind this product has earned it a place among the Pinnacle Natural Brilliance dynasty. Traditional bug sponges shouldn?t be used on painted surfaces. Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Remover can be used on glass, chrome, vinyl, fiberglass, paint and clearcoats?100% safe when used with soapy water. When finished, rinse clean. Your Safe Scrub can be reused many times. It works wonders on household windows (especially exterior). It makes an unpleasant job a whole lot easier. Size - 5"x3"x3"

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