Carhartt Seat Covers & Truck Covers

Carhartt Seat Covers & Truck Covers
The Dreaded "sticky back, and beyond"

SeatSavers are made with a jean-type Polycotton drill weave fabric that’s super strong, long wearing and BREATHABLE.

Neoprene fabric is NOT breathable and it will retain body sweat and oils if not cleaned regularly.
Waterproof fabrics are NOT breathable but some people need them for work in wet environments or if you go to the beach everyday and jump into your vehicle wearing a wet swimsuit. (We do offer a waterproof fabric version in limited colors)
SeatSavers have a durable water resistant finish (DWR) that will allow you to wipe up spills before they can soak into the fabric, but the fabric “breathes” (just like your jeans) so you stay comfortable and don’t end up sticking to the seats.
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