Pace Edwards Tonneau Covers

Pace Edwards Tonneau Covers
Pace Edwards created the original retractable truck bed cover nearly 30 years ago. Today we continue to lead the industry with the variety of covers we offer and the quality of each one we sell. With more than a quarter of a million Pace Edwards covers on the road today, you can see that make the most rugged, best-working and attractive covers out there.

A Pace Edwards retractable cover gives you options that work for you and whatever you carry. You can ride with an open truck bed, or you can ride with a secure, locked cover for your cargo and tools. We even have a cover that’s easy to completely remove any time you need full access to your truck bed.

In addition to security, a Pace Edwards cover actually increases your truck’s fuel efficiency 7%-10% by improving the aerodynamics of your truck bed, an advantage that adds up in your favor every time you drive.

Once you find the model that’s right for you, we’ll believe you’ll see why thousands of truck owners proudly say, “My truck rolls with Pace Edwards.”

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