Custom Clear Floor Mats

Custom Clear Floor Mats
Clear, Precise Protection.

Our Custom Clear floor mats offer extreme protection for your car's interior by keeping your carpet or factory floor mats safe from unsightly dirt & grime, stains, wear & tear, mud, burns and moisture. And because they are also bacteria-resistant, that means additional protection from the disease-causing elements caused by pets, liquids, foot traffic, unknown spills, food, and other leftover residues. These are the things that you can't see which would otherwise be soaked up and trapped deep within your vehicle's unprotected floor mats.

Custom Clear floor mats are available for the floor, trunk and cargo mats for any make or model, cut to the precise factory specifications of your automobile floor mats. The material used is 100% clear virgin vinyl - the clearest most durable material available.

Other after-market mats rarely match your car's interior specs, while other more"industrial strength" mats are bulky, cumbersome, and do little to retain the look of your automobile's original interior. And simply replacing your car's original factory mat can be a fairly hefty expense as well (often well over $100).
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