Cockpit Care

Cockpit Care
The Inside Story

We are a driving nation. Cars transport our law officers, our loved ones, public officials and a good majority of our citizens. They make all of our deadlines happen, take our children to school and us to work. With As much time as we all spend inside our vehicles, it only makes sense to make the interior as clean and comfortable as possible.

303 Aerospace Protectant provides durable UV protection on all plastic and vinyl surfaces 303 Aerospace Protectant utilizes SPF40 to protect all the plastic and vinyl surfaces in your vehicle's interior. There are plenty of advantages to be gained from having a spotless interior, but the most important one is your health. When air circulates through your vehicle, particles from the seat and floor can be carried to your nostrils. Though this usually isn’t a health issue, heavy build-ups of pet dander, skin cells and other pollutants can cause reddened eyes or inflammatory sinus headaches. Passengers with acute allergies may experience discomfort in a soiled automobile and some people believe that your neatness (or lack thereof) is an extension of your personality. After all, it is hard to impress your boss or potential love interests if you transport yourself around in a dirty automobile.

If you’re planning on selling your vehicle, an immaculately cleaned interior just may be your ace in the hole. Even if the outside of a potential sale is imperfect, sitting a client in a pristinely conditioned cockpit might be the factor that swings them in your favor. All other reasons set aside, your interior is your kingdom. In our fast paced world, you may easily spend a dozen hours a week or more in your vehicle. It is up to you to make this time enjoyable. Investing hundreds of dollars into a loud stereo or multimedia DVD player isn’t going to impress everyone: maintaining a beautiful interior presence will.

Weekly Cleaning Tips

Maintaining your vehicle can go tandem with your weekly car wash, but heavy interior cleaning should be scheduled with your monthly detail work. The products and procedures available today are more than enough to keep your car’s cockpit looking lush and accommodating. Of course, we aren’t going to send you away without teaching you professional techniques and educating you in the use of top of the line products. Swept Away. Incoming traffic almost always results in a fresh transfer of dirt. To defend your upholstery from these unsightly accumulations of grime, make it a habit to sweep or vacuum the mess away. For a machine clean, the Metro Vac ‘N’ Blo is your best choice.

Animal House. Your pets, loveable as they are, often leave behind traces of their presence in less than acceptable ways. While some of us love to bring our animals along with us in the automobile, it is important to clean up their constantly shedding fur. A fun and effective way to handle this dilemma is by grabbing the Rubber Pet Brush. By simply running it over your seats, this brush will quickly snatch up any stray hairs- human or otherwise, for a tidier interior without any fuss or frustration.

Tidy Up. As the driver, you are usually there to witness messes at the time of their conception. In our hectic stop-and-go routines, plenty of spilled soft drinks and condiments end up finding a spot or two on our interior furnishings. Having something on hand to clean up these messes quickly can save you a lot of work later. An absorbent microfiber towel is equally worthy of soaking up annoying puddles of what-have-you. To eliminate fingerprints or smudges, dampen a microfiber towel and simply wipe away the mess.

Shake it. Floor mats and seat covers are the two places you are most likely to find a majority of your weekly dirt. Just like the floor mats in your house, automotive mats require a beating from time to time. Simply remove your mats and covers, then, shake them thoroughly to dislodge the dirt. If you do not own any floor mats or seat covers, now might be the time to invest in some. Superior carries a number of custom seat covers and all weather floor mats to keep your vehicle’s interior looking impeccably clean. The Monthly Cleaning

Your weekly cleaning routine contains mostly preventative maintenance techniques. The monthly cleaning is a different story, which will boost your vehicles presentation to pristine. Keeping your car shining inside and out with the most effective tools and solutions has been our main emphasis while writing these guidelines for you, and you will find that there is nothing more gratifying than the glow of a perfectly detailed interior. Stained Image. When ketchup and mustard have gotten the best of you, do not worry. You’ll find that fast food stains can be vanquished in less time than it takes you to drive around to the second drive-thru window. Stoner Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner is the perfect solvent to utilize on hard to remove stains. Work the solution into your carpet with an Upholstery Brush and then use a towel to blot the area dry. Your interior will look like the stain never happened.

Don’t Forget to Wipe. Dampen a Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth and apply your favorite all-purpose interior cleaner to your plastic and rubber surfaces.

Protect your Plastic. A majority of your interior should be comprised of vinyl or plastic. This includes the dashboard, door inset and center console. Thankfully, there is an array of protectants aimed at restoring these components from UV damage and scratches. Apply a quality protectant to ensure a safe and glossy interior. Remember to keep your steering wheel off-limits from these products, as their slippery residue can impair steering.

Close Quarters.Some places inside your cockpit might require specialty tools for a job well done. Areas like your air conditioning vents can be tough to clean when using conventional tools. A Cobra Detailing Brush Kit will give you entry to these previously off-limits areas. The densely packed bristles of these brushes scour small places for grime and remove them without hassle. Another neglected spot are your doorjambs and window trim. Applying vinyl protectants to these areas will keep them supple, preventing them from cracking or drying out.

Seating Arrangement. With the advent of handy products like Pinnacle Leather and Vinyl Cleaner, leather and vinyl seats have never been easier to care for. When combined with a great UV blocker like 303 Aerospace Protectant, you can rest easy knowing that your seats are safe and glowing with a pleasant sheen. For leather seats, use Pinnacle Leather Conditioner. Wipe these products in with a clean cloth and watch your interior transform.

The Nose Knows. The way the interior smells is as important, if not more important than how it looks. Nothing will leave an impression on a passenger like a foul smell in a small place. Once a month or as needed, use a product such as the Clean Air Genie Fogging Air Freshener to rid your cockpit of unwanted odors. It works by releasing a dry fog that fills up the interior and eliminates odors no matter where they originate. In about 5 minutes, your vehicle will smell fresh and clean but not perfumed. The scent diminishes gradually but the old odor doesn’t return.
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