Glass Cleaning Tips

Glass Cleaning Tips
Glass Cleaning

In this article we will equip you with the proper tools and knowledge to keep your glass sparkling with crystal clarity. Clear glass not only looks amazing next to a fine, waxed paint job, it also provides you with the highest level of visibility available. By adding glass cleaning to your weekly car regimen you’ll benefit yourself in immeasurable ways. You owe it to yourself to read how simple it is to achieve unblemished, brilliant glass windows.

Glass Cleaners

The most important decision to make is deciding between products containing ammonia, or those of the ammonia-free variety. Ammonia is commonly found in household cleaners. However not all ammonia based products are streamlined for automotive use. Ammonia may damage certain types of leather, vinyl or even remove tinting from windows. Use a non-ammonia substitute such as Sprayway Glass Cleaner to clean tinted windows. The aforementioned products will have statements such as “Ammonia Free” or “Safe for Tinted Windows” proudly displayed. If you come across a brand that doesn’t clearly state that it’s ammonia-free, assume that it contains ammonia and take no chances with it on your tint.

Another overlooked approach is to combine Cobra’s excellent Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towels with the time tested dependency of plain H2O. While using water alone might not be enough to take on sticky situations involving bug carcasses and bird droppings, grouping it with microfiber technology will easily remove the stubborn contamination. To achieve results that would make the professionals awe, simply dampen the towel and use a circular motion. Microfiber towels do not produce any type of lint or fallout, like most other cloths would. With your dry microfiber towel, buff the glass until you create a streak free glow.

Integrated Glass Cleaning Tips

Here is a collection of tips that can help you breeze your way towards a quality shine. Creating the typical showroom shine is not a magician’s trick, but a hard science that is easily understood. Using the best techniques and top of the line products is the formula for perfect shine, every time. Review these tips often and gain the knowledge to achieve the results you desire.

1. Work indoors. Working outside in the heat may cause your products to evaporate too quickly. If you must work outside, use your cleaners under a canopy or overhang to prevent premature evaporation.

2. Ventilate. Ammonia can be extremely harmful if inhaled. If you are using an ammonia-based cleaner, allow air to circulate freely in your work area by working outside or in a well-ventilated garage. If you find yourself getting light headed from the fumes, discontinue immediately and seek fresh air.

3. Windows Last. If you are in the process of doing other detail work on your vehicle, be mindful to finish with that before moving on to your windows. Failing to do so may create extra work for you by redistributing debris from the detailing process onto your recently cleaned windows. By doing things in the proper order you can always maximize your efforts.

4. Straight to the top. A commonly neglected area is the edge of your windows. Rolling them down partially will give you access to the top of the glass. Cleaning the edges is crucial for clarity, because structurally speaking, glass is weakest at its extremities. Glass can withstand amazing impact from its sides, but as little as ten pounds of pressure applied to the edges could cause a catastrophic crack. It is also possible to scratch windows under dirtied conditions, as dirt can get lodged in the rubber inlays and scratch the glass as it climbs up or down. By dislodging the grit from the tops, you are avoiding quite a costly repair job and ensuring a perfect shine.

5. Order of operations. Many agree that cleaning the inside of your windows first is the most effective way to go about glass cleaning. Others prefer to clean each window inside and out, one at a time. Instead of concentrating on which sides of the glass to clean first, focus on using the best products and techniques available. These are a better indicator of results.

World Class Glass Care

Preventative maintenance for your glass is similar to techniques designed to protect your paint from corrosion. Functionally, glass is very different from paint. While you want your paint to be as visible as possible, you want your glass to be practically invisible. The one thing you want from both materials is for them to exhibit a beautiful an unblemished sparkle. Regardless, you’ll want to protect your windows from water spots. Water spots don’t refer to the water itself, but rather the contaminating minerals contained in all rainwater. When water evaporates, it leaves all of these damaging materials behind. It’s almost impossible to expect someone to dry their vehicle every time it comes in contact with water; instead, try to wash your car if it receives an unexpected visit from the elements. If the process of etching is already visible on your vehicle’s glass, employ a glass polish. This product does away with the typical cloudy areas caused by water spots. Although it is preferably used with a polisher on a low speed, you may also apply it by hand. If you do use a rotary polisher to apply it, set it to 1,000 to 1,200 RPM. Avoid using high pressure when using a polisher, as a gentle amount of force will do all of the work for you.A dual-action polisher calls for 5 to 6 OPM for the job, and for both processes a polishing pad should be used. However you choose to go about removing the water spots, you should always wipe away the residue with the remarkably effective Cobra Microfiber Towels.

Care For Your Blades

Windshield wipers are like seatbelts - when used properly, they can save your life. When used correctly, your wipers provide essential visibility during inclement weather. If your wiper blades make irregular noises, or seem to work sluggishly, make an effort to replace or restore the worn out rubber and always check your wipers to make sure they are functioning- you never know when you may need them.

If your windshield wipers are doing fine, then it never hurts to focus on making their job easier. To do this, look into nurturing your blades with helpful fluid additives like P21S Windshield Wash Booster. This chemical is formulated to reduce the stress from your wipers and dig into tough messes like bug splatter and other stubborn debris.
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