Japanese License Plates

Japanese License Plates
Authentic Japan style license plates for your vehicle! These authentic Japanese style license plates are high-quality reproductions of what you'd find on all cars in the streets of Tokyo.
 Authentic Aluminum Japanese License Plate><br><br /><br />These Japanese license plates, identical to government issued plates straight out of Japan, have a set of three Japanese characters across the top with up to two numbers appearing next to them; and five numbers or letters in a larger size across the bottom of the plate. <b>Plates can be ordered as random or custom design. </b>Both display black characters and border with a white background. <b>Plate measures 6.5

RANDOM: Choose a random plate, and a computer automatically generates a Japanese style plate that exactly replicates a genuine Government-sanctioned license plate with letters, numbers and characters assigned at random.

CUSTOM: Custom Japanese plates allow you to designate the two upper numbers and up to five characters across the bottom for a personalized vanity plate from Japan!

Allow one week for delivery.
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